Puerto Viejo and Surroundings

Located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a popular tourist destination due to the great variety of beaches and parks around it.
Puerto Viejo is full of amazing landscapes, unique wildlife, exciting tours and activities. Canopy over the canopy of the giant jungle trees, hike through the Cahuita and Gandoca national parks, visit the local indigenous town of Bri Bri.
If action is your thing, try a surfing lesson or white water rafting.
Puerto Viejo is definitely a place to enjoy a relaxing vacation full of sports and fun.

Canopy adventure

Fly through the jungle and take your adrenaline to the maximum with the Canopy tour.
The tour will take you 2,400 meters of fun and adventure where you will go through the wonderful trails, full of flora and fauna that the certified guides will be happy to show you and teach you their knowledge about the majestic nature we have in the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica. You will learn about native plants, as well as the usefulness that the indigenous people have given them throughout history.
It is suitable for ages 4 and up. Not suitable for pregnant women, children under 4 years old, people weighing 120 kilos or more, or people who are not in good physical condition. For safety reasons, children under 1.20 m can not do the Superman cable.

Jungle adventure Tour

Canopy, hiking, rappel, hanging bridges, tree climbing, Tarzan swing and Superman cable, this tour has it all!
The adventure begins on the canopy lines, gliding through the skies until we are immersed in the depths of the rainforest. We'll overcome rivers, pools and obstacles that make the Costa Rican rainforest a unique place on the planet. We will rappel down waterfalls, cross a hanging bridge and climb a majestic tree that will allow us to enjoy an unparalleled view of the southern Caribbean. Finally, we will reach one of the most adrenaline-filled activities of this adventure, the Tarzan Swing, at 16 meters high. And finally we will fly horizontally, giving the name to our famous SUPERMAN line.
We will finish the tour in a restaurant where we will enjoy typical food of the area with a personalized menu according to your preferences.
Not suitable for pregnant women, children under 12 years old, people weighing 120 kilos or more or people who are not in good physical condition.

Punta Uva

Located 6.4 kilometers from our resort is this beach of soft waves and fish everywhere, this beach is divided in two by a huge rock which has an incredible natural tunnel, characterized by its crystal clear water and low currents that make it practically a pool, Punta Uva is categorized as the #25 most beautiful beach in the world according to the ranking of tripadvisor beaches by the amount of fish that can be seen, restaurants and ease of facilities near the place. Access to the beach can be made in any type of vehicle and being a public beach there is no entrance fee. You can ask for more information about this beach at our tour desk at our reception located in front of the beach.


Cahuita National Park is located 19 kilometers from our resort and has more than 24,392 hectares between sea and land, its name Cahuita comes from the terms "Kawe" and "Ta" in Misquito language which means "Sangrillo" and "Punta", that is "Punta Sangrillo", the Sangrillo is a characteristic tree of the area. Among its more than 11 kilometers of trails the park has more than 5 types of sand and landscapes that have no explanation, it is noteworthy that being National Park is protected several certain regulations for the coexistence in the place, for example, you can snorkel but must always be with the company of a guide which gives the advantage of getting explanations of the area and know the name instantly of the species observed.

Playa Blanca sector: Voluntary fee
Puerto Vargas Sector: $5 USD foreigners (Adults and children)
¢1.000 CRC National Adults
¢500 CRC National Children
Marine facilities: 6am to 4pm

Opening hours:
Playa Blanca Sector: from 6am to 5pm
Puerto Vargas Sector: 8am to 4pm
Marine facilities: 6am to 4pm

You can get more information about this park at our tour desk located in front of the beach.

Surf classes

Feeling the breeze running through your body while gliding over the waves is one of the best sensations you can have, you can have this unique opportunity to learn to surf like the greats by enrolling in surf lessons with local teachers who will give you the best recommendations and tricks to get started in this incredible and exotic sport, you can also improve the techniques and why not meet some of the challenges that the teachers expose you, the classes are taught in front of our hotel, in Playa Coclés one of the favorite beaches for both local and foreign surfers. If you dare to try this sport you can sign up for surfing lessons at our beach front reception.

Surfboard rental

Ready for the Take Off?
We offer you to rent surfboards so you can enjoy the almost perfect waves of Playa Cocles, one of the favorite beaches for both locals and foreigners to practice this sport so rich in emotions. Some of the elite of national surfing have been discovered in Playa Cocles. You will be able to rent from beginner boards such as longboards and deep boards to the most fun and fast boards such as shortboards, if you have never surfed this will be your precious opportunity to do it since we also have surf lessons. If you want to venture into this sport and rent a board you can do it in our reception at the front of the beach.

Bike Rental

The best way to explore the Caribbean is by bike!
By using a bicycle, you will have the chance to live and discover like a local all the surprises that can be found along the way, besides helping to minimize the carbon footprint and will bring exercise and health to your body, you will definitely feel much better. We provide our guests with "banana" bicycles for rent, you can take a guided tour with a local person, which will give you a more real perspective of daily life in the Caribbean or you can simply set points on the map and move on your own. You can make your rental and get more information at our tour desk located in front of the beach.

Gandoca-Manzanillo Natural Wildlife Refuge

Rocks more than 2 million years old are hidden among the treasures of this great wildlife refuge which is divided into 2 sections, Gandoca sector located XX kilometers from our resort and Manzanillo sector located 10 kilometers away, in this park you can be close to the only intact mangrove of the Atlantic as well as species that can not be seen anywhere else in the world such as mangrove oyster banks, orey and jolillo palms.
If you want to opt for this tour you can request more information at our tour desk located in front of the beach.

Kekoldi & Bribri Indigenous Reserve

Hidden in the mountains of Talamanca 9 kilometers from our resort is one of the most important indigenous reserves in Costa Rica to preserve their culture, beliefs and nature, with a population of more than 10. With a population of more than 10,000 inhabitants contribute in an arduous struggle for the conservation of nature and implementation of species of flora and fauna, have areas of reproduction of iguanas and frogs, it is also ranked as the second best place in the world to observe the migration of birds of prey, in a good day you can see more than 100,000 birds passing through the place; On the other hand you can learn about the history of chocolate through its culture, more than a treat it is a sacred food used in different ceremonies and of course it is essential to take a dip in the Volio waterfall after a day of learning about this magnificent indigenous group.
If you are interested in this type of tour you can request more information at our tour desk located in front of the beach.

Horseback Riding

If you are a horse lover, you can not miss the experience of riding a horse along the beaches and jungles of the Costa Rican Caribbean.
We offer quality horseback riding, natural horse, clinics, hippotherapy with professional certificate, so you can enjoy an incredible vacation.
Ride on rescued, happy, healthy and well trained horses, treated with love and respect. Treated with love and respect, the Caribbean adventure awaits you!

Pacuare rafting

For adventurers thirsty for adrenaline and strong sensations will have this option of rafting type III and IV in one of the most beautiful rivers in Costa Rica, the Pacuare River is located 2 hours from our resort, the trip alone is a spectacle and worth every minute, the rafting tour has a length of approximately 30kilometers in which you will find 52 fast currents that will make you an unparalleled experience.
If you want to opt for this tour you can request more information at our tour desk located in front of the beach.


When you get to see a turtle's eyes back to the sea you will understand everything, so many kilometers collected to come to this beautiful country and deposit their legacy in their entrails, it is not by chance that thousands of turtles choose our shores to lay their eggs, Tortuguero as its name suggests is a turtle sanctuary, Among the species that arrive in greater numbers are the gigantic leatherback turtles, the green turtles that are the most abundant in the park, the loggerhead turtle with its peculiar brown color and the hawksbill turtle, which unfortunately is on the verge of extinction. The park is impressively extensive, 312 square kilometers where more than 400 species of trees, about 2,200 species of plants, 405 species of birds and more than 138 species of mammals are preserved.
If you want to opt for this tour you can request more information at our tour desk located in front of the beach.

Golfcart rental

Having fun and experiencing the Caribbean in a different way is possible with a golf cart, while helping to minimize the carbon footprint, our golf carts will give you the possibility to move from one place to another quickly in Puerto Viejo and will be the envy of everyone as it is a very unusual means of transportation in the area. You can make your rental and get more information at our tour desk located in front of the beach.