Cariblue Jungle and Beach Resort has an area of about 20,235 square meters of tropical jungle where live a number of wild animals which delight with their songs and dances to all our guests.

We have chosen to have a serious and responsible commitment to the environment by implementing measures and protocols to safeguard the harmony of our resort with the flora and fauna of the place to ensure that the natural spectacle and the contact of our guests with the animals is carried in a normal atmosphere without altering the ecosystem.

We are an agent of change, we make our staff and guests aware that all our actions have a direct impact on the environment, one of the measures we have taken is to use organic products or those that have the least negative impact possible.

We have strategies to reduce our carbon footprint in our activity, being aware that every day we can improve and take even more creative measures to promote good behavior with our mother earth; likewise these measures are not absolute and we are open to hear new suggestions or observations.

Sustainable Initiatives

Environmental strategy

The Sloth Conservation Foundation, dedicated to the study and protection of the Sloth Bear, a creature recently named National Symbol of Costa Rica. Together with them we create a network of aerial bridges that allow the mobility of both sloths and monkeys avoiding that they have to go down to the surface to continue their way.

Fundación Planta Mi Arbol, finance the planting of 100 trees per month in deforested areas of Costa Rica, to create new green areas that absorb CO2 and release oxygen at the same time, thus purifying our atmosphere and providing balance to temperatures.

Cariblue Jungle and Beach Resort is highly committed to maintaining a balanced environment with the ecosystem where the efforts of our strategies, collaborators and guests blend together.

We urge our guests to be part of this change and leave their positive footprint with the following recommendations:

1. Take care of the space and the objects in the hotel, the objective is to extend their useful life in order to reduce the demand for natural resources to manufacture new objects.
2. Choose products with reusable packaging or no packaging to reduce the amount of waste produced.
3. Refill water in reusable bottles at our station to reduce disposable plastic bottles.
4. Select and set aside non-organic waste in the correct containers to facilitate management and recycling.
5. Buy souvenirs and gifts from the small local handicraft stores, which are made in and around Puerto Viejo.
6. Respect the marked trails, do not feed wild animals, do not leave garbage and hopefully bring the garbage you find when you go for a walk and visit the attractions of the area.