Since the first arrival of Columbus is known that Costa Rica has the name not because it thrives with gold, or hidden mineral wealth, but since such is the beauty of its shores and coastlines, that it should be considered the country’s greatest treasure. The advantage of Costa Rica is that the distances between the capital San José, from the main beaches and coastal cords, don’t represent serious problem or require expensive travel, which joins the amazing tourist reality that a person can experience a drive to rate of 120 miles per hour, and allow dive in the Caribbean waters at 8 in the morning, take off at 10, and be diving in the Pacific at 5 pm, still with ample sun for tanning a little more.

You can experience the different paths in the sky, travel the same distance from Puerto Limon on the Caribbean to Puntarenas on the Pacific, in just one hour fifteen minutes of flight on an Express plane. This explained, how it is that some tourists are amazed of the views from the highest mountain peaks in the country, where they have the see both oceans at a time. In the Pacific and Atlantic Costa Rica offers the largest number of beaches for foreign tourists, with hotels and infrastructure such as Cariblue Beach & Jungle Resort, a beautiful hotel that without being exactly glued to the coast and elsewhere, is close enough so you can travel in minutes, from a comfortable hotel, to large sunny beaches all year round, bordering mangroves and rivers of immeasurable beauty, some of which are true sanctuaries of flora and tropical fauna. No doubt, your holiday can be an adventure on the shores of this beautiful American landscape.